We protect
your car park.
Protection of your car park against adverse weather conditions

Your car park is your
most-important capital.
We protect its value.

Do you want to protect your motor park against hail and other adverse weather conditions? Our innovate hail-protection nets can withstand the most-extreme weather conditions.


Your most-valuable asset – your car park – is safe


Planning, implementation, and follow-up support – we can do it all.


With a minimum of bureaucratic effort.


A way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


No damages = no disputes.

Added value

Burnish your reputation with your customers!

Our protective systems can be individually adjusted and perfected tailored to meet your needs.

Integral total coverage

Is used to provide wide-scale coverage to achieve optimal, comprehensive protection from all sides, with support by columns. Can be implemented with minimum constructive changes and without installing a foundation.

Modular set-up system

Is used to provide coverage for individual and multiple rows of motor vehicles. It's flexible, versatile, and self-supporting. Can be completely implemented without constructive changes in existing structures.

Our projects

Here is a selection of our protection systems

For the highest level of protection – all from the same source!

Careful planning is the most-important preliminary step in designing your protective installation. We will address all of your requirements and design your installation so as to take into consideration all relevant factors for an optimal and comprehensive package.


We elaborate detailed plans, initiate logistical steps, and accompany the production of the needed materials. Together with you, we then set the date of the launching of construction activities.


The necessary equipment is delivered. Our trained team then mounts the modules and the selected materials on site in a professional manner and according to plan.

Follow-up support

We guarantee competent and comprehensive support. This includes regular services and the professional maintenance and upkeep of your protective installation.

We would be delighted to provide you with personal consulting.

Emanuel Tamanini & Michael Gasser
Founders and executive managers

"Now I know what it's like to be calm during a thunderstorm."

Johann Schweiger
Entrepreneur (Reutte, Austria)
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"The weather is getting more and more unpredictable. That's why I'm very happy that my cars are well protected."

Rainer Fink
Executive manager „Autohaus Fink“ (Kempten, Immenstadt, Oberstdorf, Germany)
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"Not only am I happy with the results, my customers are too."

Hans Peter Neuss
Executive manager „Neuss GmbH“ (Immenstadt, Germany)
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